Nokia 5310


Phone Key Specification

  • Internal Storage: 16MB
  • RAM: 16MB
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Display: 2.40-Inch screen, 240*320p (~167ppi density)
  • Primary Camera: 2MP
  • Selfie Camera: No
  • Sim Cards: Dual Sim
  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G
  • Colors: Warm Red, Dark Blue, Yellow, Grey
  • Warranty: One year

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Nokia 5310 Overview.

The Nokia 5310 is ad advanced feature phone with smart features to peep you rocking. Before we had these smartphones, Nokia was still making big moves with its Nokia 3310, Nokia 106, Nokia 106, and other older versions. The Nokia feature phone back in the days, was a legendary phone, with its Black and White screen, crazy battery life, and the famous Snake series game that was an addiction in the late ’90s. Well, we all miss that version of Nokia. However, the return of this phone Nokia 5310 is a great thing that gives us chilling memories.

Nokia decided to release an improved version of the Nokia 5310 on 2007. Let’s look into its features.

Nokia 5310 features


The Nokia 5310 comes in a more sleek appearance coupled with advanced features like the camera and colour display. The buttons are well-spaced, eliminating any chances of accidental keypad presses. The phone comes in four colours for you to choose from.


Nokia 5310’s screen does not support ‘touching.’ The 2.40-inch screen acts as an only-display screen, which it does just correct. With a resolution of 240*320p, you’ll get the best out of the mini screen, concerning display quality and the vividness of colors. It is arguable that the smaller the screen, the brighter the image because the pixels are closely packed together.


The Nokia 5310 comes with 16MB RAM/16MB ROM storage specifications. The RAM is quite lump-sum for this phone since you’ll not find yourself installing third-party apps or multitasking. The Internal Storage is, however, expandable to 32GB using a MicroSD card.


You can’t claim to be buying the 5310 for photography. Anyway, for whichever purpose you’re buying this phone, you get a bonus 2MP camera at the back of your Nokia feature phone. Yes, we can call it a bonus. Even if it’s not reliable, it will take a photo of whatever you want. Give it a try.


They say, ‘Like father like son.’ The 1200mAh battery on the Nokia 5310 is enough to give you 5-7 days of mixed usage. No smartphone can beat that lifespan. You now have a reason for buying this phone to complement your favourite smartphone.

Phone specs summary

  • Internal Storage: 16MB
  • RAM: 16MB
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Display: 2.40-inch screen, 240*320p (~167ppi density)
  • Primary Camera: 2MP
  • Selfie Camera: No
  • Sim Cards: Dual Sim
  • Connectivity: 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi
  • Colours: White/Red, Black/Red
  • Warranty: One year

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The 5310 Nokia is not the best phone in the market, but you cannot beat it in keeping a battery charge. If you live in power-calamitous areas, the is phone will be a cheap supplement to your ‘fast-dying’ smartphone. Visit us at the Payson Electronics Shop for the best deal on Nokia phones today.



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