Oraimo OCD-CC82

Key characteristics 

  • Output: 5V
  • Length: 1M
  • Fast data transfer
  • Fast charging
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Oraimo OCD-CC82 Type C to Type C overview

Oraimo OCD-CC82 is a sturdy data cable used for type C to type C charging and data transfer. Having a smartphone’s USB cable that is not working correctly or failing to charge is a sickening issue. Oraimo is excellent in manufacturing high-quality smartphone accessories, and the company now provides an extensive range of USB connections. One of the best USB cables is the OCD-C82.

Key characteristics of the OCD-CC82 White USB Cable are as follows:

  • Output: 5V
  • Length: 1M

OCD-CC82 Features


For a USB Charger to fulfil its function, it must be long-lasting. The Oraimo OCD-CC82 features a reinforced construction that uses strong material to enhance durability. This feature is included as standard. It has been subjected to numerous tests of turns and stretches, and it has passed.

Because the cable can withstand enormous pressure and weight, you won’t have to worry about it snapping under tension.

Quick Charging

The 2A quick charging will come to your aid if you need to charge your smartphone but are short on time. Building up enough power for prolonged use will take a little time. To lower electric resistance and obtain a 60% higher charging rate than conventional cables, the OCD-CC82 has a pure copper core.

Excellent Data Transfer Rates

The Oraimo OCD-CC82 is one of the fastest data transfer cables on the market, with data transfer speeds of up to 800mbps. You can quickly transfer all of your favourite songs and movies. Furthermore, tethering data speeds are comparable, allowing you to share your smartphone’s internet connection reliably.

Final Word

If you live in or near Nanyuki and need an excellent smartphone cable for data transfer and charging, the Oraimo OCD-CC82 is a great option. We source our products from a certified Oraimo outlet so you won’t get faulty products. Get yours today from Payson Mobiles today and enjoy the offers that come along.

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